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1. Who is "I DO" Makeovers by Joni K?

We are comprised of professionally trained and licensed cosmetologists, estheticians, and makeup artists.  Each of us has done over 100 weddings alone and together we have done at least 500 since 2007.

2. What is the benefit of hiring a professional beauty team for my event/wedding?

There are many important times in your life that are captured with photographs. No other event is more photographed and publicized as your wedding day. If you leave your beauty routine to a friend, relative, or anyone with no formal training you run the risk of not liking your pictures. Today's lens is high-definition and picks up everything which is why we use airbrushing for the best, most natural, yet flawless look brides and wedding parties love.

3. Why are your services more expensive than others in the same industry?

When we first started out our prices were very low and we didn't book that many brides, but we started getting stellar reviews and referrals from venues.  Our trusted wedding vendor friends would request us so our prices increased.  Eventually, when we looked at our combined education, age, and experience, we realized that we were drastically underpaid, in comparison to other wedding vendors.  Now, with several happy brides, 5-star ratings, reviews that speak to our professionalism, we are confident in our pricing structure and we deliver everything you pay for and beyond.

4. Where do I get ready and how long does it take?

We always get our wedding parties ready two hours or more ahead of ceremony. For this reason, some venues are not available to get ready at. However, we will come to your home, hotel, or venue depending on what is most manageable and beneficial to everyone.

5. Is travel included in the price?

We travel to every winery and venue within the Temecula Valley, Murrieta, Fallbrook, Menifee area. Other southern California locations outside of these boundaries incur a small travel fee based on the industry rate at that time.

6. Do you cover tattoos?

Yes, all the time. Although you love your tattoo, grandma doesn't want to see it at the alter! We use a special technique to camouflage the color and then airbrush and powder over the top so that it is unrecognizable and blends in like skin. We will even airbrush skin marks such as moles, and freckles over the top so the skin looks natural.

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